How Peace Anyiam-Osigwe Took Nollywood To Heads Of States

I don’t really know what to say about you Peace, I keep reading the tributes but still have to deal with the fact you are gone. As I write this I am so sad and offer my condolences to your brothers and all the family, however, the thing is you’re already immortal, your energy was legendary, your passion palpable, you carried Nollywood to the heads of state, to the kings and palaces, to the universities and always you were a fighter for that community. 

Obi Asika says Peace Anyiam-Osigwe is immortal

We collaborated for well over 20 years and it was always about how to build the community, with you it was always advocacy, always intentional. In the last few years, I have noted your calm disposition and your constant message “Calm down Obi, sometimes we don’t know we hurt ourselves with that negative energy”. Thank you for being you, for keeping it real. Thank you for not really changing since we first met over 30 years ago. 

Your journey in this earthly realm is complete but your work with AMAAawards_ Africa Film Academy will endure. These platforms you established which have celebrated Africa’s storytellers and given them platforms and confidence are living proof of your work. The thousands you trained and empowered will be your legacy, we your friends will miss your person, your energy, the love you shared and that permanent prayer May your chi protect you forever my sister, it was some ride with you. We will miss not just your essence but your leadership and voice in development issues, in education, and in governance, a born leader you inspired so many but now it’s time to rest. 

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