Thabang Emerges Second Most Talked About BBTitans Housemate Following HoH Win

Thabang and his partner won the BBTitans Head of House games for the week, thereby giving them immunity from this week’s evictions and getting the HoH veto power save and replace, which they used to save Yvonne and Justin from possible evictions.

BBTitans Insight
BBTitans Insight

Yvonne escaping possible eviction had over 30,000 fans talking, while Khosi’s relationship with the men in the BBTitans house has earned her over 100,000 online mentions, making her the most talked about BBTitans housemate.

Kanaga takes the third spot with over 94,000 online mentions, and Yemi Cregx takes the fourth spot with over 90,000 online mentions as he tries to save his relationship with Khosi.

Data gathered by ID Africa and Plaqad reveal that social media conversations heightened at 8 pm on Monday, February 13, 2023, with over 340,000 people conversing about the show.

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