As the 2023 Nigerian presidential election is currently ongoing across the country, it’s crucial to understand how the election is going on in different areas and polling units.

The election is an essential event that determines the future of the country, and every citizen has the right to participate in the process.

If you’re a Nigerian citizen, it’s your responsibility to keep an eye on the election and ensure that the voting process is fair and transparent. This is a crucial time for the country, and the outcome of the election will affect the lives of millions of people.

Therefore, we’re asking Nigerians to share their experience of the election in their area or polling unit. We want to know how the process is going on and whether there are any issues or challenges that need to be addressed.

MY Experience:

These INEC officials came without ink and a stamp. They said Wike took them all. I don’t believe it, though.

How Is The Election In Your Area? (Share Your Experience)

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