Thabang and Olivia Form A Bond Over Massages

Seven weeks into the game, the BBTitans housemates all seem to be in their feelings. Although some seem to be better strategists than others, they all seem overwhelmed as housemates like Nana and Blue Aiva have fallen ill as a result.

Thabang BBTitans
Olivia and Thabang

As the housemates are facing eviction of possibly more than one pair at the Sunday live evictions, here are some highlights from this week.

Thabang and Olivia Form A Bond

We all know Olivia likes Thabang. Right from the second week, she has been confessing her feelings to him, but he has never once said he outrightly liked her or was willing to pursue anything serious with her. Seven weeks later, as Olivia serves her Tail of House punishment to massage the housemates in the house alongside her partner, Thabang becomes her regular customer.

Thabang even went ahead to tell Big Brother during his diary sessions that he feels like they are alike. This is progress because Olivia still manages to always go back to snooping around to find out about his true feelings for her after giving up on multiple occasions.

Tsatsii’s Strategy Backfires

The Royals won the Head of House games, but a mistake on Tsatsii’s part led them to lose their immunity as she had told some of the housemates not to nominate Thabana so her save and replace decision could be easier.

It was particularly funny to see because her partner, Ebubu, had told her to be careful of what she said and she was pretty confident about her strategic plan only to fumble their immunity for nothing.

Yemi Becomes A Shadow Of Himself

In the first week, Yemi Cregx seemed like the life of the party, but in the past two weeks, he seems to have lost himself in his ship with Khosi. He has taken up the role of Khosi’s bodyguard as he tries to keep her away from her love interest, Thabang.

This week more than ever, he is seen appearing and monitoring late-night conversations between Thabang and Khosi, even if there is a third party in their midst.

Wager Loss

For the second time, The Royals lost their wager again. The housemates who were to present pieces of art did beautiful jobs with their paintings, but their presentation, according to Big Brother, was tedious. Although there were some hits in the presentations like Khosicle’s presentation and Yelisa’s painting, the overall vibe of the presentation was dull.

Miracle and Ipeleng Reach An Understanding

Right from week one, Ipeleng had always had a thing for Lukay. Weeks after getting rejected by Khosi, Miracle seems to have bonded with Ipeleng and is hoping that something romantic forms between them.

Considering her relationship with Lukay and her first-hand knowledge of Miracle’s feelings for Khosi, Ipeleng seems sceptical about his feelings. That may change in the coming week though.

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