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How are you doing? wetin dey happen? I would like to bless 20 people with 10 each.. tomorrow i will supply an email for you to send your account numbers to….I want to bless 20 people with 10k each……….

Please scammers do not apply oh….

Have a nice day and remember to be nice to people cos you do not know what they are going through…..





Hello everyone,
My name is T

eena. Yes, Teena. I have been a blog visitor for so long. I comment anonymously. I decided to send this in, due to a comment l just read. This blog, belongs to none other than Stella. She can put up whatever she wants to post.

 Stella was one person, who never used to do political advertisements. I am one of those who implored her to do so. Even Fox News that is a right wing propagandist machine airs political advertisements from the Liberal parties.

To that bitter person, l hope you have looked at yourself in the mirror after that comment you posted. Stand in front of your mirror again and look at your inward self. You come to someone’s blog and call the person ugly. Why troll anonymously? Why don’t you use your blog id?

Like someone said the other day, make l borrow the person lingo. Take 3 tablespoons of honey, 6 times a day. Your own vile needs a lot of honey.

You better change your ways. Before l close, let me say this. I know Tinubu is old. Where were you all when he was almost killed with Dele Momodu and they went into exile. Tinubu almost died because of democracy in Nigeria. INEC declared him winner. It’s only 4 years o. Let us pray for a better future for our country.
Thank you!!



Hello house…….

 please I need business ideas, my budget is between 1m-1.5 max is 2m, 2m will be a reach for me though because I don’t want to put in that much money into something I’ve never done before! Little information about me, I’ve never done any business before, I have a 9-5, the only skill I know is makeup, which was self taught but I don’t have the time again! 

I thought of selling drinks and juices in wholesale, I don’t know if there’s enough profit there though! Please guys I just want to have a side hustle and also make more money instead of my money sitting in the bank with no profit! 

Please kindly give me a breakdown of what the business will entail.






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