I hope next administration will continue our anti-corruption war– Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari says corruption remains an
existential threat to all nations.


In a statement issued by Femi Adesina, presidential
spokesperson, Buhari spoke on Thursday when the management of the Code of
Conduct Tribunal (CCT), led by Danladi Umar, its chairman, visited him at the
state house, Abuja.


Buhari said he hopes that successive governments will
continue with the war against corruption which his administration “laid the


Buhari described the CCT as “an important tool in our fight
against corruption over the last seven years”.


The President said the CCT “which is in the trenches, are
relied upon to demonstrate that the government means what it says and remains
committed against corruption in all its forms”.


“It is our hope that the foundation which has been laid by
this administration will be carried forward and continued, as the issue of
corruption remains an existential threat to all nations,” Buhari said.


Buhari said the CCT and similar agencies are “in the midst
of very challenging economic and revenue shortages”, promising that innovative
and new models of financing important agencies would be put in place.


In his remarks, Umar commended Buhari’s administration for
the impact it has made in the area of infrastructural development, agriculture,
and provision of social services, among others.


He said the CCT is hampered by funding challenges, and poor
staffing, and appealed for intervention.



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